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Family group on safari

Ken celebrates 45 years hunting Africa in 2023. Join him as he celebrates this milestone and shares his love of hunting Africa with you. You’ll never be the same after a safari with Ken & Roseann, the memories last a lifetime.

You can afford this hunt. Our 5 animal package is $5,200 all inclusive in camp! (Blue wildebeest, Gemsbok, Impala, Springbok and Blesbok included in package, KUDU can be added for additional fee.)

We’ll take care of the details!

You name the trip you want to be on and we’ll make all the arrangements. We have been hunting with the same PH and his family for more than 18 years. Plains game and dangerous game are both available on our South Africa hunts. Family friendly food and lodging with excellent game quality and density year after year.

NUMEROUS PAYMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE!!! Call Ken to make these arrangements – we accept CC or checks to our USA bank.

Mail checks to: Ken Mayer 5870, c/o Debbie Kennedy, PILGRIM BANK, PO Box 985, Clarendon, TX. 79226


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Pack Your Bags for the Hunt of your life.

Join us for a South African hunt of a lifetime. It’s the 43rd Anniversary of Ken hunting in Africa – he’s experienced!

6 days hunting/7 nights lodging is $5,200 for 5 animals, meals, lodging, guides, alcohol, laundry and more. NO TROPHY FEES – NO SURPRISES!

We assist with air travel, gun permits and transportation to/from the airports. Airfares starting at around $2,100 on Delta from DFW. Call Ken for details, trips always fill up!

Hunting with this PH and his family for more than 15 years. REFERENCES FURNISHED.

Green rhino hunt

As I sat on the plane for 18 hours from Johannesburg to Washington DC I had a lot of time to reflect on this incredible journey. The first day I knew this would be a unique experience, but as the week went on, it continued to get better. There are so many things the contributed to making this an unforgettable adventure.

Most everyday I posted pictures of the sunrises and the sunsets. The sky seemed like it went on forever and provided some of the most beautiful views of the sky that I have seen (and we see some pretty amazing sunsets in Texas). The animals and the landscape were very unique and provided a frontier feeling, that all this was new and uncharted. This obviously wasn’t the case, but it was new for me and was very special.

Lieb (PH/Owner) and his staff made sure that everything was a success, I couldn’t have asked for a better host. The professional hunter that I spent most of my time was Braam Naz Vd Merwe and he could see things that I struggled to see, he is truly a professional! Whenever I hear fingers snap, I will be reminded of this trip. When the PH spotted game they would snap their fingers to stop the bucky, but I knew that I needed to be ready to see what the PH had identified. The food that we ate all week was amazing, from the game that was served to the traditional local fare, everything was outstanding. I will now look on a beer menu for Castle Lager or Castle Light, very good South African beer.

I most likely would not have been on a trip like this if it wasn’t for my good friends Ken and Roseann Mayer. When I was considering this over a year ago, they provided all the information and gave a sense of reassurance when making the decision to make the trip. They made the trip unforgettable. I also enjoyed spending time with old friends and made some new ones, it was great to share the experience with everyone that was there. The camaraderie was pretty awesome amongst the group.

I am quite certain that I will make this trip again. In the whole scheme of things I am fairly new to hunting, but experiences like this has really meant a lot to me as a sportsman and someone who enjoys the outdoors. The US offers many great things to see and experience and I am far from fulfilling everything that one can do and see stateside. However, this trip to South Africa was an eye opening experience to what the world we live in has to offer. There are amazing places to see and also amazing people to meet. Be open to these new experiences, you never know what the journey will have in store for you. I loved every minute of this trip and it is an adventure that will be with me for a lifetime. I posted this quote earlier in the week, but it is a great quote by a great American about his African experience. It does a great job explaining the effect this place can have…

“The hunter who wanders through these lands sees sights which ever afterward remain fixed in his mind…. Apart from this, yet mingled with it, is the strong attraction of the silent places, of the large tropic moons, and the splendor of the new stars; where the wanderer sees the awful glory of sunrise and sunset in the wide waste spaces of the earth, unworn of man, and changed only by the slow change of the ages through time everlasting.” – Col. Theodore Roosevelt in Khartoum, March 15, 1910

The dining here surpassed all our expectations! You provided gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was always a treat to see what was on the menu for each meal, and it all tasted fantastic. I can’t thank you enough for accommodating our dietary preferences (vegan & food allergies)! The food at exceeded what we’ve experienced on the most exclusive live-aboards. The daily menu makes it a destination of its own 🙂 Even with all the diving, we gained weight! I can heartily recommend them to divers looking for a customized diving and dining experience.

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